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A collaboration between the Refugee Council and e5 Bakehouse


e5 Bakehouse in collaboration with Refugee Council are helping groups of refugee women to gain the skills and confidence to work within the food industry and beyond in the UK.

In September 2015 Just Bread and e5 launched a subscription based bread delivery service in East London. We have now run two successful bread subscription projects with two groups of refugee women. One in September 2015 and one in July 2016.

Subscribers were able to pick up their bread box from various collection sites across East London over a period of seven weeks. 


Thanks to everyone who gave their support to the project. You can read more about the aims below...





About the project :


Refugee women who fled to Britain after escaping persecution in their home countries started a new, innovative business with support from London Fields’ e5 Bakehouse and the Refugee Council. 

The bread was made by Just Bread trainees: a small group of eight refugee women who learned bread baking skills through a training course being jointly run by the Refugee Council and e5 Bakehouse 

During the course, the trainees learned the trade of become artisan bakers while gaining vital entrepreneurial skills to help them access the British job market. 


The trainees come from a range of countries, backgrounds and cultures but all were forced to leave their home countries and seek safety in Britain.  

 Just Bread provides these isolated refugee women in London the chance to meet others, share and learn skills, build their confidence and start to rebuild their lives. Just Bread aimed to do this by providing the women with the professional training, practical support and inspiration to turn bread into a pathway to independence. 


Refugee Council Head of Integration Andrew Lawton said: “The women behind Just Bread will have experienced trauma and loss most ordinary Londoners will struggle to imagine. Through Just Bread subscribers won’t only be signing up to receive tasty treats every week, they’ll also be supporting these vulnerable women to take control of their futures and rebuild their lives in safety and with dignity.”  


Previous Just Bread trainees have gone on to secure employment working in the food stalls of Secret Cinema’s Star Wars Pop Up desert bazaar. Where they sold tasty treats to members of the rebel alliance over 15 weeks in Summer 2015.