Kashmir : the unknown conflict / 8 th of july 2016


On 8th of July SOAS KSM and E5 Bakehouse presented "KASHMIR: the Unknown Conflict", an evening of stories, food and music from Kashmir. 

Even though, the Kashmir conflict has resulted in deaths of over 70,000 people, disappearance of more than 8000, countless stories of torture and rape and most importantly dehumanisation of the Kashmiri people, nevertheless, it is one of the least known conflicts in the world. 

For one evening we tried to help bring the plight of the Kashmiri people to the forefront and encourage people to hear what it means to live behind barbed wires at gunpoint. Novelists, Mirza Waheed and Pankaj Mishra shared their perspectives on the conflict and guests were invited to take part in the discussion, eat Kashmiri food and look at a  photo exhibition by prominent Kashmiri photojournalists of life during the conflict.
       The photo exhibition told the story of daily life in Kashmir and the peoples resistance against the armed forces. The pictures showed the psychological impact of military occupation on children,  of half-mothers and half-widows (terms used to describe mothers and wives, whose loved ones are subjected to enforced disappearances) and of the solidarity of the Kashmiri people.

All proceeds from the night and sale of the photographs went to support victims of state torture and enforced disappearances.