The Last Grain Race Supper Clubs

11 // 12 August

Special event 'Seeds of time' 13 August

Flatbread Society Seed Collection 2013-2016. Photo courtesy Amy Franceschini and Futurefarmers.JPG

Developed in collaboration with artist Amy Franceschini and the Delfina Foundation we are pleased to be hosting this special supper club as part of the Future Farmers collective Flatbread Society Seed Journey project. 

The project moves people, ideas and seeds upon an 1895, Colin Archer rescue sailboat from Oslo to Istanbul. Between September 2016 and November 2017 an international crew and a selection of ancient grains (that have been cultivated in Oslo) will return to their “center of origin”, the Fertile Crescent.

Through what we eat and discuss, this supper club will offer new insights into the contemporary cultures and politics of seed and grains.

On the evening of Saturday 13th along with the meal there will also be a special event 'Seeds of Time' with short presentations from the artist as well as invited guests including Mike Ambrose, Senior Scientist in Crop Genetics from the John Innes Centre in Norwich and Andrew Forbes, founder of Brockwell Bake, who will discuss different approaches to seed diversity.

The menu will be three courses which will highlight the possibilities and diversity of cooking with different grains.



Tomatoes stuffed with barley, currants and spices



*(german bread dumplings served with spinach and brown butter)*



*(anatolian slow cooked wheat stew served with lamb shank)*


noah's pudding

*(gently sweetened mixed grains Topped with dried and fresh fruits)*


Location: e5 Millhouse, 396 Mentmore Terrace, E8 3PH 

Time: 19:00 – 22:00


  The Last Grain Race supper clubs 11 // 12 August £15

Seeds of Time event 13 August £20

(all tickets inc 3 course meal; drinks not inc but there will be a bar)

Seeds of Time is part of The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements programme of residencies and events at Delfina Foundation, which runs from July – September 2016. Working with artists and designers on a multitude of projects, Markets and Movements explores topics such as agricultural labour and seasonal migration; developments in biotechnological food sciences; food sovereignty and heritage, from grains to recipes to production methods; how food features in radical collective political movements, as well as the increase of individual consumer choice and its impact on the wider global food economy. For a full programme please click here.


The journey

LEG ONE 2016



September 17
Oslo, Norway

September 19
Hamburgsund, Norway

September 21
Vejle, Denmark

September 28
London, England

October 25
Cardiff, Wales

November 1
Antwerp, Belgium

The Seeds

Futurefarmers has been collecting, growing and distributing a selection of “ancient grains” in Oslo since 2013. The selection of seeds to be taken on Seed Journey have been “rescued” from various locations in the Northern Hemisphere - from the very formal (seeds saved during the Siege of Leningrad from the Vavilov Institute Seed Bank) to the informal (experimental archaeologists discovering Finnish Rye between two wooden boards in an abandoned Rihii in Hamar, Norway). 


Via ancient grains the group focuses its interest on the preservation of the commons as it relates to land use, biological matter and knowledge sharing. Once “weeds” these grains have been domesticated over tens’s of thousands of years by humans– cultivated by hand and exchanged through a complex hand-to hand network. 


A small wooden boat will accompany Seed Journey. This little boat will contain seeds collected upon the route - and will go on without us if needed.