ujima bakehouse supper club JULY 2016


Across 3 nights e5 bakehouse are hosted a series of supper clubs in aid of Ujima Bakehouse in Kenya - a social enterprise bakery operating as an extension of the valuable work of two charities; UJIMA and PEEK vision.  This offers a real environment for young people, participating in the programme, to receive practical training as well as a viable means of earning revenue for the charities.

PEEK vision provides Kenyans living in rural areas with sight-restoring treatment. For every 100 loaves sold at the bakery, one person has their eye sight restored. 

Back in early 2015 Ben flew the bakery in Hackney for a couple of weeks to help the Ujima founders Madeleine and Andrew Bastawrous set up their Kenyan bakehouse.  He was working to train a team of novice bakers in Maili Saba, a lodge around 20 miles from Nakuru, Kenya’s 4th largest city, where the bakery is situated.  


100% of ticket price WEnt to Ujima Bakehouse. Find out more about what they do here.