WEAVING EVENINGS | Supper Club at E5 Bakehouse

An evening of woven food and craft

 11th + 12th May @ 7.30pm


Join us at the loom to thread away the evening with woven food and craft. Weaving artists Femke Lemmens and Toyomi Harada team up with self-taught chef and artist Inês Neto dos Santos for two evenings inspired by Saori weaving.

Experience a delicious 3-course seasonal vegetarian menu, drawing inspiration from woven threads and intertwining lines, while Femke and Toyomi take you through their craft, inviting you to join them at the loom and experiment freely.

Using food as a catalyst for conversation, learning and new connections, Inês's menu aims to offer a new context for connecting with arts and crafts. Femke and Toyomi's approach and their knowledge of Saori weaving encourages one and all to free their minds and try something new. 

Together Inês, Femke and Toyomi have created two exciting evenings full of creativity!



Parsley and coriander soup w Parmesan crisp

Honey roast radish

Leek bruschetta with labneh


Handmade basil tagliatelle and asparagus nest w garlic, ricotta and land cress


Rhubarb, strawberry and almond tart, served with coconut cream



SAORI Weaving

SA has the same meaning as the first syllable of the word “SAI” in Zen vocabulary: everything has its own individual dignity | ORImeans weaving

It is the philosophy as first defined in the 70's by Misao Jo in Japan, which tells us all to allow one's personality and imperfections to shine through in our work, explore carelessly as young children do and see everything around us with wonder or "the eyes that shine". The unknown component present in any art or creating is truly embraced in SAORI weaving. Weaving is a very momentous expression when practiced with the ethics of an artist, with changes and decisions along the way, which lead into new inspirations in themselves. We end up slowly growing something true to who we are there and then and the products of this kind of weaving are alive. 


Tickets £28 per head

Bar available



Millhouse, 396 Mentmore Terrace. Hackney e8 3ph